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Sleep is essential for helping muscles rest, recover and rebuild after exercise. Getting the best sleep requires mattress designed with the understanding of a highly active lifestyle. Fortunately for athletes, gym entusiast and people in Fitness and Sports industry, this exclusive mattress will provide the perfect rejuvenation and rest to your muscles.

Right body posture and support is the most important thing for an athlete. We have created a mattress which is the perfect mix of slight softness on the top to counter body movements and firm at the base to support the body well to give you perfect night sleep to keep the entusiast in you active and fresh.

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Design Philosophy

Every individual’s daily routine is different! Their health conditions are different! Their level of activity and stress are also different. Some travel a lot while others sit at a desk for a very long time. Mattresses as any other thing, should suit your daily routine as well.

Over the years of experience of interacting with thousands of customers, we have created different customer profiles based on their age, daily routine & health issues.

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Our Story

"We want you to Sleep Better!"

With more than 3 generations of industry experience and having sold 3,00,000+ mattresses, our Founder Mr. Amar Parekh has the vision to provide best quality mattresses across India at an affordable price.

Today, with so many mattress options having different composition and technology, the biggest dilemma is - Which really is the right mattress for you?

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Let's be serious about sleeping!

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